Breaking the Cycle

For the better part of thirty years, I was happily inside a very small safety bubble. I love that safety net. The structure. The routine. No surprises.

I also live with paralyzing fears. The kind that make you want to be in a dark closet or wake you up in a cold sweat. One day, I got over a big one. Mother of all that is good and pure, that was intense. Experiencing that was unspeakable. Getting to that point terrified me to my core.

But then I knew. I could never again be that woman who could be content to die and pay taxes. That bubble will never consume me again.

I will laugh until I have the hiccups, throw water balloons at my husband when he’s not looking. My kid is going to teach me to dance. I am going to trust, be let down, and SURVIVE. When I feel the fires of my soul I am going to tell you the truth, no matter what. I am even going to ****GASP**** discuss politics and assume we can still be friends, because that’s what people should do! You’re going to hear the dumbest jokes you’ve ever heard before and I won’t care what anyone thinks.

I will be me and I will never again go back in that bubble.

Starting today, I will live my life with intention. I hope you follow me on this unpredictable path and find the joy, love and humor in all of the little things we so often overlook.

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