Love and Hate

Love and hate. Both words have complete opposite meanings, but in a way they are EXACTLY the same.

Not literally, but emotionally. Maybe that only makes sense to ME. Heck, most things are like that…not sure why this would be any different.

I think it’s the intensity level that makes me think of it like that. On a 1-whatever scale, I don’t have an in between. I am all in or all out. It makes it difficult to live in a black and white world where just about everything is gray.

I am emotionally stunted, and I say that with a little laughter in my head. A little joke with a dash of truth. That is me in a nutshell.

But, I am an intense person. If you know me, you either love me, hate me or fear me for some odd reason you can’t quite put your finger on. Thankfully, I’ve acquired a handful of people in my life that love me and understand my intensity. A couple may even love me more for it. (Thank you, Lord for those angels)

Dang it. A rabbit ran across the living room and the little stinker took my train of thought.

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