Wild fires

What sets your soul on fire?

What is your passion?

What is it that elevates you to the level of happiness most believe are unattainable?

What makes you feel complete?

What are the things you daydream about?

What are the things that you believe you can do, in the deepest part of your soul, can do no matter who tells you that you cannot?

The most important question, what happened in your life that shaped you into this person? Was it a person? An event? Just a passing moment?

What causes your wild fires to spread? Are you stopping them? Should they be stopped?

These are the questions that I am going to try to dig deep and answer about myself.  Maybe I can answer them all pretty soon.

I want my live each moment of my life like my soul is setting a spectacular wildfire and I am leading the spark running as fast as a 4 year old through a meadow.

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