A person whom I hold the utmost regard is responsible for the word that I used to name my blog,

He has mettle. More than most I know. He is a respectable human being. Not just in one area but in just about all that I know about him. Which is never everything, of course. It was an act of bravery in which he was complimented on his mettle. I found the story in an old news article I came across. Instantly, I knew that the man they were talking about in that article was also me. So it was decided.

But to have mettle it must come from a variety of sources. You earn it, I think. He did. I think I have, and still am. I hope I continue to for a very long time.

To cope well with difficulties — well, that’s pretty dang complicated, right? I mean what causes us to cope well with difficulties, anyway?

For me, lots of things I guess. First… trying all the other ways first. But then again, the option to throw myself on the floor and wail like a child while kicking my feet was never an option. There is and has always been someone else that simply COULD NOT handle it, whatever “it” was, so I had to grow up, step up and handle it. End of story. Metaphorically.

Face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way — First I am going to Google this word because it has so many different ways to be interpreted. Spirited, full of character, vigor and courage. Having a specified mood or nature, energetic, animated, spunky, determined… Basically you’re doing whatever you are doing with PURPOSE.

In my mind, it’s go big or go home. That’s why it’s always been go BIG. There was no, “home”. Failure was not an option. Is not an option. I’m known for saying what’s on my mind. Good, bad or ugly, I’m probably going to do it. And if we are related or are friends….odds are…I’m going to embarrass you. I also don’t care, though. For the sake of honesty, if I can’t be real with someone or around someone that is a friend, we aren’t friends. Not the ride or die kind, which is the only kind I keep.

Thanks, Urban dictionary!

Once, I had to give an honest opinion to a CEO of a company feeeback about a service they were providing. As I was typing this email, well I would call it a wild hair, but for me…well it just felt normal.. but I decided to be completely honest. I thought, if I put myself in his shoes, I don’t want just another Joe Blow schmoozing me telling me what I want to hear. If my product isn’t great, I’d want to know. Why? To fix it!! If you aren’t told the truth, you can’t do that. So, I typed a short email that was quick and to the point and signed it Respectfully yours, the a-hole. Haha, not that last part.

Of course, as soon as it sent I immediately felt a lump in my throat. Oh geez. That’s just perfect, I thought. I was about fifteen minutes in to analyzing this situation to epic monumental failures and my computer dinged with a reply. I winced when I clicked on the link and I believe I read it with one eye closed. Like the Boogeyman was going to jump out at me? Pretty much.

But to my surprise, actually it was shock. Genuine shock. But this man thanked me. He told me he was surprised to hear my feedback as it was unexpected, but he appreciated my frankness and my candor. Now, frankness, I am familiar with. But candor…I wasn’t sure if I was being insulted or complimented, or both. You guessed it, I had to Google yet another word.

I have to admit, it is still one of the biggest compliments that I have ever gotten.

As one person to another and one professional to another professional, well CEO to be exact. He complimented me for being me.

That’s the moment I knew that there was a place for me in this world. I could be successful in any career I chose and there was no ceiling. I just needed to find my tribe. I’ve been on a soul quest for them ever since and I will never stop looking, never stop trying and never stop succeeding.

Because I’m made of mixed mettle. I bet a great many of us are. So, here’s to me and here’s to you — when we all fine each other and conquer life.

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